Nicole empowers audiences to Unlock Their Full Professional Potential, Navigate Their Career Paths with Confidence, and Transform Challenges into Opportunities for Growth. 


“I had the pleasure of attending a training facilitated by Nicole; her presentation on interviewing skills and biases was nothing short of exceptional. She was insightful and had an engaging manner, making the session incredibly valuable. Nicole shared practical strategies and techniques that were applicable to both seasoned hiring managers and those new to the role.

— Erik G., Sr. Client Success Manager

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by empowering each individual to own their career path and achieve unparalleled success?


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Are you ready to 


Attracting and Retaining Top Talent?

Fostering a More Equitable and Diverse Workforce?

Overcoming Burnout and Employee Disengagement?

Does your organization need tips and strategies on…

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My Workshops and Lunch & Learns are not only engaging but also impactful, tailored specifically to foster career development. 

Topics include:

Networking Your Key to Success: Building Powerful Connections

How to be the CEO of your career!

These sessions are designed to create workplaces that are both happier and more productive, nurturing environment where every individual thrives. This is a space where organizational goals align seamlessly with personal career aspirations, leading to collective growth and success.

Own Your Narrative: Build a Magnetic Personal Brand that Drives Success

needed to successfully launch their careers and land their dream jobs?

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Are your students equipped with the




Uncertainty in navigating the job market.

Difficulty in standing out in a competitive job market.

Lack of experience and confidence with interview and negotiation skills.

Anxiety about transitioning from academia to the professional world.

Students may be experiencing… 

A Smooth Transition to Professional Life

Boosted Interview and Negotiation Skills

Enhanced Personal Branding

Clarity and Direction in Job Search

College Students will Cultivate...

These topics are tailored to guide students through the complex job market, enhancing their ability to stand out and smoothly transition from academic life to a fulfilling professional journey. My approach is practical, direct, and supportive, ensuring students are well-prepared to confidently step into the professional world and make their mark.

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My Workshops and Lunch & Learns are not only engaging but also impactful, tailored specifically to foster career development. 

Topics include:

Interview Prep & Offer Negotiation Mastery: Ace the interview and secure the salary you deserve!

Get Hired, Get Ahead: Essential Tips for Early Career Success

Standout Resumes & Cover Letters: Present your best self and attract your dream job opportunities!

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My career journey is inclusive of the very challenges I now coach others through: feeling undervalued, navigating career uncertainties, and striving for more. Overcoming these obstacles, I climbed the corporate ladder at Tesla, gaining invaluable insights in recruiting and leadership. 

I specialize in empowering companies, organizations, and schools to fully realize the potential of their workforce and students through engaging and impactful workshops and lunch & learns. 

My expertise includes facilitating a range of onsite and virtual training workshops for hiring teams, as well as organizing hiring events for jobseekers, all designed to build a strong, inclusive work environment with top talent and equip individuals for career success.

         I’m Nicole Miles, your certified Career Coach.


Take The Step Towards Empowering Present and Future Professionals To Have Success in Their Career Journeys.

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